What’s New

wave.smWave Alto steps and landings are on sale for summer!  Why just walk up and down the stairs when you can float? Catch your wave and receive 25% off.
We are now offering free replacement adhesive mesh to our customers who send good quality photos of their Alto Steps installed.


Made of the finest quality Himalayan wool, our hand-knotted rugs are made by Tibetans in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. The wool is rich in lanolin oil, which is important both for the absorbtion of the dyes as well as the plush texture for which Tibetan rugs are famous worldwide. Our manufacturers hand spin their wool and use traditional vegetable dyes or eco-friendly Swiss Ciba colors.


Liza Phillips Design is a member of GOODWEAVE, working to fight child labor in the rug industry.

In addition to regular inspections of participating rug facilities, GoodWeave monitors have rescued hundreds of children from exploitation, offering them rehabilitation and education. A portion of our profits goes towards helping these children reclaim their lives.