ALTO Steps Installation

The adhesive mesh that we provide with each order is widely available on the market for use with stair tread carpeting products. It is completely non-toxic, skid proof, and will not hurt your wood, stone or metal stairs. When removed it does not leave any sticky residue, and can even be re-used. We simply advise replacing the material every couple of years if the tread has been taken up often, as lint can build up on the surface of the mesh. 

Before installing your Alto Steps, take time to arrange them on your stairs.

To install your Alto Steps, simply cut a piece of mesh off the roll about two inches shorter than the length of each carpet tread and place it, yellow plastic side up, about an inch from the front edge of the step. Peel off the plastic carefully.

Next, place the Alto Step on top of the mesh making sure to set it back slightly from the edge of the step. This is an important safety measure to prevent it from hanging over the edge and becoming an obstacle.

If you need to reposition or remove the adhesive mesh, it can be done easily, without harm to your stairs. This product is non-toxic and is made with a water based adhesive.

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