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About our Company

Liza Phillips Design was launched in 2004, three years after Liza had designed her first rug for her own house. The Tibetan weavers she came to know in New York City had a production facility in Katmandu, and were eager to produce some of her designs for their store. Later, after many sales and extensive research, Liza and her partner travelled to Nepal and India to learn more about the weaving traditions there, and she subsequently formed the business. Early on she became a partner with GoodWeave, formerly known as RugMark, helping to fight child labor in the industry and promote fair working conditions in the countries where the rugs are made. 

We are an internet based business operating about 2 hours from NYC, and employing residents of our local area. We have grown steadily since 2004, and with the launch of the Alto Step Collection in 2006 the business has gained international recognition, with clients spanning the US, Canada, Europe and Australia.

About Liza

Beginning her career in Washington DC, Liza spent several years working at The Phillips Collection, a museum of modern art founded by her grandfather, Duncan Phillips. Later, she moved to New York City and worked as a set designer and an artist, and became involved in architectural watercolors and graphic design before designing her first rug in 2001. She has a BA in art history and philosophy from Vassar College, and an MFA in painting from London's Chelsea College of Art and Design. Liza has taught painting and drawing, worked in several New York non-profits, spent several years working for Vanity Fair and other NY based magazines and continues to exhibit her artworks whenever possible. Whether painting or designing rugs, color has always been her focus, and the two disciplines are closely interwoven.

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