Our hand-knotted rugs and Alto Steps are made by Tibetans in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal. The wool is hand spun and pot-dyed in the centuries-old tradition. Lustrous in texture and rich in color, each piece is a unique collaboration not only between designer and weaver, but also depends on other natural factors affecting the sheep, such as the weather, and food supply which will determine the sheep’s diet, the fiber quality of the wool, and it’s lanolin content. For this reason, no two rugs are exactly the same, but all are the product of honest, skilled work.

For those who prefer no dye at all, we developed the Black Sheep Collection, where wool of various natural tones from black to gray to brown to white are blended to achieve a subtle range of colors. In the area rug collection, Bink, and Barberry are part of this collection, as are Alto Steps in A-Frame, and Grey links. We can adapt any of our designs to create the black sheep version.

Because we are members of Goodweave, there is no child labor involved in the production of our rugs. See Goodweave for more information, or view a new Goodweave Youtube Video about the humanitarian work they do to support the rug industry in the countries where our rugs are made.